• Symbols in architecture – Did we get them right?
  • Seven Virtues
  • Norman Foster: Der Phönix – The Reichstag Building
  • Old symbol / New symbol: Reconstruction of “Toplana Jurkovič”
  • Interpolation – Trending of an old phenomenon
  • A modernist icon Belgrade sky – About the importance and decay of Mitrović’s “Genex” Tower
  • New symbols of the city of Šabac – Public spaces of Milena Zindović
  • A collection of  experimental furniture inspired by Japanese calligraphy – Sabine Blasiotti, Studio Sabi
  • A hundred years later: Great fire in Smyrna – Darko Veselinović
  • 45th Salon of Architecture – Salon of dialogues
  • 18th BINA: Kontinuitet_Continuity