A Breakthrough / Arhitekta Forum NEXT LEVEL

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  • A Breakthrough / written by: Predrag Marković
  • Arhitekta Forum: René Van Zuuk “René van Zuuk Architects” / ARCAM (Maarten Willems) + Belvedere Tower + Prince Klaus Bridge
  • Arhitekta Forum: Sergei Tchoban “Tchoban Voss Architects” & “Tchoban Foundation” / Residential Building in Griebnitzsee + EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin + Museum of Architectural Drawing, Berlin
  • Arhitekta Forum: Michiel Riedijk “Neutelings Riedijk Architects” / Naturalis Biodiversity Center Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Arhitekta Forum: Martin Lesjak “INNOCAD” / Lindweg – Reconstruction of a residential building in Graz
  • Arhitekta Forum: Sir Peter Cook “Cook Balacevic Haffner & Partners” / Kunsthaus in Graz + Faculty of Law and Central Administration Buildings on the campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Arhitekta Forum: Ho-Yin Ng “AL_A” / Bangkok Central Embassy + MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology) + Sky Central + Wadham College
  • Arhitekta Forum: Zoltán Neville “Coldefy” / Coldefy & Associates Architects Urbanists
  • Narrative as art of the future / The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art / Written by: Milica Grbić
  • Spectacle of Architecture: Triumphal Return of WAF 2023 in Singapore / Written by: Katarina Jeremic
  • The town made of stone / Written by: Darko Veselinović

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Language: Serbian, English