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Selected projects of Serbian architecture

“Zero House” is the first entirely passive urban villa in Belgrade created as a result of the harmonious collaboration between architect Vladimir Lojanica and investors Maja and Saša Macanović. It should be noted that this isn’t the usual shared work between opposing factions, because, in this case, the architect and the clients speak the same…

In contrast to the traditional church architecture, Orthodox Church is designed in a contemporary way keeping the tradition. The goal was to design a modern church, a modern interpretation of old churches, to distinguish between the old and the new, but to keep the tradition and the spirit, without affecting traditional churches and their history….

An apartment that exudes comfort, luxury and functionality… This apartment was specially designed according to the wishes, dreams and needs of the client. Connecting simplicity and luxury, functionality and prestige. Merge to the look of incompatible. Project: interior of DS apartment Place: Čačak, Serbia Year: project 2019 – execution 2021 Surface: 63 m² Author: Architects…

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